January – March 2021 Newsletter

In our tradition the term Hatikvah – the hope – is more than the national anthem of the State of Israel. It speaks to all of us about how our faith over the millennia has helped us not only survive but grow and contribute to the world around us. Through history, we know that often our contributions were not appreciated. Nevertheless, we persevered. Now that the year 2020 has passed, we know that we have once again persevered. Our Temple which I believe is truly a “family of families,” continues to center us and keep us together. I am sure all of us feel that 2020 was a year unlike any other. We are grateful that it has concluded and now we look with hope towards our future and a bright 2021. There will be much to do, much to reestablish and much to invent. Yet, as we always have, we will persevere and find new and imaginative ways of keeping our traditions and our faith alive. In this new secular year, Heather joins me in the prayerful hope that you will continue to find through our “family of families” a constant connection that validates and inspires. May this new year challenge us to be inventive and inspire us to hope.